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August 23, 2013
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Mass Effect: Poker Time by Garrenh Mass Effect: Poker Time by Garrenh
The Commander and her engineers and her cockpit crew take a break on their way to Hawking Eta, and use this opportunity to play a tense game of cards with real credits on the line. EDI is designated the dealer, due to her tendency to count cards and play the statistics. Joker has a pretty obvious tell (as well as a penchant for girlie drinks), and Commander Shepard clearly knows about it. Ken is getting a little too drunk and holds when he ought to fold. Gabby, however, takes the game very seriously and wants to hang on to her hard-earned creds. But um, wait. If they're all here, who the heck is flying the ship? Oh crap, I hope it's not Vega.

I've been wanting to do a piece for a long time now that featured EDI and Joker, and one that featured Gabby and Ken, (who are two of my very favorite side-characters--I love those two). So I decided to put them all in the same pic. But what kind of thing would be happening for them all to be together? Why, card games of course! And wouldn't you know it, there is already a card table onboard the Normandy, so viola!

It took about 20 hours in photoshop from beginning to end, and I'm pretty proud of it. And I know you guys like my Mass Effect cartoons, so, enjoy!

I'll put prints up for sale if you guys want.

So, I think my next one of these will be another action scene. I've done a lot of downtime ones so far and need to balance it out. I'm thinking an away mission and perhaps I'll give Dr. Chawkwas some much-needed screentime ;)
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CaptainPrower Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Liara hates gambling and Garrus can't bluff for shit, so they're on bridge duty.
Edi is dealing? Oh hell, I fold. :D
EDI is the dealer kind of an awesome TNG reference
We all know that Ken is TERRIBLE at poker. :)
Great pic, it looks like an animated series. I love the expressions and the colours. :)
well done, it is well done peice with the commander winning,
hehe this is awesome .. Love your style .. Oh and i really hope that vega isn't flying the ship ..great jop keep up the good work

Talk about one of the most under-utilized plot devices, and couples, in that whole game. =(

*sigh* at least there's still fanfic. =)

ShortEthan Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
omg edi's visor lol 
Great ! I bet on Gabby !
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